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What made Dr. Realther retire after 14 years teaching and 33 years of professional real estate?

I started in banking at age 17 processing bill payments part time. I promoted to the Federal Reserve Bank check collections at 19 and went on to promote to research, commercial loans, residential loans and investments before pursuing real estate. I was an eager student pursuing my real estate sales license in 1994 at a local community college. I'd taken all four classes required, when I was up late studying for a final, watching an infomercial and decided to purchase some property. (Carlton Sheets for those that can remember) The next day an investor introduced me to an appraiser that loved his job and loved to talk. Four hours later, I decided to become an appraiser instead of an agent. I bought ten properties over the next several years. I studied to be an appraiser as an apprentice for several years. Then I passed the Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser Ohio state exam in 1999. In 2000 I started my own real estate school while assisting my dad in starting his construction company. So, by 2000 I had responsibility in four companies and was one busy bee. If that was not enough in 2003 I started my first transitional home and passed the state exam to become a mortgage loan officer. I then began to eat, sleep and drink real estate, until 2006, when I became.....

Want to know the whole story: buy the book Dr. Realther's Real Real Estate 2 coming soon.

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