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Recession, Depression, Socialism, Capitalism or Communism

Is this society confused? Will we have a Big Bank bail out or Bail in? Where is the US headed? Will the stimulus project work to stimulate the pitiful economic market? Will the zero interest rate help? Is this Marshall Law? Will the Central Bank devalue the dollar? The federal reserve bank is not a bank. It's not owned by the Feds. Go figure it's privately owned. Whatever we can do to protect ourselves under this current situation. We need to do it. This is a depression. Secure your cash in assets. Please don't listen to these new flippers, wholesalers, naive agents, brokers, and loan officers, and other inexperienced individuals. Hedge your assets with off-grid protection bitcoin, silver and gold. Get as educated as you can about pre and post depression information. Study financial systems, markets and real estate. Our people are perishing for lack of knowledge. Use this time to get as educated as possible through real experts via social media and reading books. Get ready to purchase cheap real estate.

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