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Pandemic Proof Real Estate

Can real estate be pandemic proof? What do you think? Dr. Realther believes it can.

There are six rights of ownership to all real estate:

The right to sell or lease it, use or quietly enjoy it, enter and exit it, give it away or relinquish all of the previous. These rights make real estate recession and pandemic proof. Knowledge of the demand for it can make it full proof. For example, if you are a flipping, wholesaling professional real estate guru, enjoying your profession prior to a pandemic or recession, you can shelve the right to sell and pick up your right to lease. With Dr. Realther's 30 years of knowledge you can make more in a lease option than an initial sell, without owning the property if you desire, and pay less taxes. Remember the only thing that is constant is change. Change your dated thinking. Buy the book for additional information by clicking shop in the home page.

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