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Do you think Politics affects real estate?

If not here's the doctor's opinion. First of all there are not too many industries that are not affected by politics. If you are not clear on this, ask any seasoned real estate professional. Politics affects everything from the pricing on lending to the cost of a permit for repairs. Pricing on lending affects the volume of sales, sales commissions, and overall supply and demand of all real estate. Local political governments set the fees for building department fees and housing inspector ordinances and policies. Property taxes are yet another area. The range on taxes tend to float in any direction depending on who is in the executive political office. Dr. Realther's T: Eminent domain is an excellent example of the political affect on real estate. Eminent domain is the ability for the local, state or federal government to cease any property from a private owner for public use with a fair and just compensation. That can be a traumatizing scenario for an unaware homeowner. The phrase "Buyer Beware" is literal in this scenario. Politics are one of five factors that affect real estate value. Politics do affect real estate so buyers and sellers make your self aware, especially in the year to come.

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